Demand Forecast

Anticipate consumption expectations
Discover our powerful combination of artificial intelligence and data science to forecast demands with up to 90% accuracy.

The Solution

Artificial Intelligence to predict your future demand​

Implanta uses neural network algorithms to project future consumption, offering a detailed view of demand forecast by product, product family, customer profile, city, or region. With this, you keep your production in line with the market’s real demand.

Main information available

Great Price

Demand forecast

Market analysis

Product mix suggestion
Projected market share

Impact analysis of external factors

Recognition of consumption profile

Learn how Artificial Intelligence generates relevant insights for your business

Aumento de valor financeiro
Great price

Know the best price your product can have without losing market share

Gráfico de barras em crescimento

Algorithms specially trained for your business project your future sales growth, helping you to strategically plan your business.

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Suggestion of
product mix

Discover the ideal assortment of products to leverage sales and optimize costs

Recognition of
consumption profile

Understand different behaviors of your customer profiles and discover new growth opportunities

Dados do cliente
market share

Discover the potential and maximum size of your current market

How Demand Forecast drives your business

Industry producing only what will be consumed
Guarantee better margins without losing market share
Sales price optimization
Data with high assertiveness optimizing decision making

Why our clients prefer Implanta

Information in
the right time and measure

We deliver information in real time and in the right measure, which will help and optimize decision-making in your industry.

High accuracy

We develop algorithms trained specifically for your business, guaranteeing hit rates of up to 90%.

Low investment

Our Saas model (software as a service) and information storage is carried out in the cloud, making the project costs very affordable.

Customized solution

Implanta carries out fully customized projects, adjusting the solution to the demands of each project.

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