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Discover how using trusted data in decision-making can transform your business

Distribution Visibility

Track data such as Sell Out and Inventory Position at your distributors or resellers.

The Distribution Visibility platform captures data directly from the distributors' ERP, allowing the industry to have visibility of its products in the Supply Chain.


Demand Forecast

Implanta uses neural network algorithms to project future consumption, offering a detailed view of demand forecast by product, product family, customer profile, city, or region. With this, you keep your production in line with the market’s real demand.


Digital Supply

Simplify the tracking of your company's purchase orders and increase the productivity of the supply team

Digital Supply is an application that integrates with your ERP and purchasing tool. Implanta technology automatically collects all information from the purchasing process, allowing employees to follow the status of their orders in a user-friendly dashboard.

Reduce costs with software licenses, minimize order returns, losses and shortages of supplies.


Distributor Panel

The distributor's main strategic ally, it offers key information about the market, its competitors and its business:

Blind Audit: displays the information extracted by the industry, improving your communication with suppliers

Benchmark: know your market share, average sales price in your region, your performance against your main competitors and your sales evolution

Buying tip: get personalized recommendations on when, what and how much to buy each of your products

Purchase traceability: track the status of your order in real time with your suppliers

Demand Forecast: know your future demand based on market data

Market indicators: track key indicators for your business, such as foreign exchange rates, inflation forecast, GDP growth, etc.

Market Share: discover the maximum potential and size your market can reach, in addition to your market share by region

Optimal Pricing: suggested optimal selling price to preserve margins without impacting sales

Connected Stores

sending daily data

Registered and analyzed

SKU's by Implanta

Integrated ERP's

with our technology

+$ 7,2bi
dollars per year

on captured invoices


Implanta Differentials

Track the performance of your distributors in real time, generate business opportunities and accelerate your growth.

Dashboard de Analytics

Correct information at
the right time

We deliver data in real time and in the right measure, which help and optimize decision-making on the production chain.

Informação segura e protegida

Regular and
reliable data

Implanta's services guarantee the most accurate data on the market, with 99.8% accuracy in relation to the source data.

Dados na nuvem

Low investment
and remobility

Our business model is IPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service) and both deployment and support are remote, reducing project costs.


for the customer

We customize each project according to the needs and demands of the client.

Potential for improvements in the production chain:
Fewer stock
0 %

adjusting production and distribution according to actual demand

working capital
0 %

eliminating excess inventory and logistical inefficiencies

More total sales
across channels
0 %

avoiding lack of inventory or lack of assortment at distributors

More margin
on sales
0 %

with a pricing strategy more aligned with the market