Distribution Visibility

Integrating the industry into your sales channels
Have visibility of your products within the supply chain: Track distributors’ Sell Out and Inventory data.

Increase your sales
by up to 10%

Implanta provides relevant and reliable information, presented with up to 99.8% accuracy in user-friendly dashboards.

Leave the data analysis to us and focus on what matters most: making the right decisions to achieve your results. 

The Solution

Accurate data:
from production to Sell Out

The Distribution Visibility platform captures data directly from the distributors' ERP, allowing the industry to have visibility of its products in the Supply Chain.

In this way, you can monitor your Sell Out and the stock position of distributors and resellers on a daily basis.

Main information available

Sell ​​Out Data

Customer Positivation
Channel customer data

Top product

Customer Share on the channel
Market Potential

Inventory position

Product batch
Product performance

(sales ranking, profit margin, product turnover, product shortages)

Discover how Distribution Visibility drives your growth

Gráfico de barras em crescimento
Up to 10% more sales

Avoid stockouts with more efficient inventory management at distributors

Aumento percentual
Sales margins
5% higher

Improve your pricing strategy and practice prices that are more in line with the market

Gráfico de barras decrescente sobre valores financeiros
Free up to 20%
of the distributor's
working capital

Eliminate excess inventory with more efficient management and free up your budget for sales actions

Aumento de valor financeiro
Increase the ticket
average by 5%

Have the ideal product assortment and don't lose sales

Gráfico de pizza com fatia destacada
Expand your
market share
The increase in the positivization of its products helps in the maintenance and expansion of market share

With Distribution Visibility you ensure:

Effective inventory management
Better sell out
Information at the right time
Regular data with 99.8% accuracy
Customization as per your need
Low investment

How it Works


Implanta's Integrator




Data Extraction

Implanta extractor is installed remotely because it was developed with artificial intelligence resources. Our extractor automatically collects daily data – only information previously authorized between the parties.


Integration and Data Processing

Our integrator application receives the collected data and performs more than 150 information integrity checks.

Implanta processes, treats and qualifies the data in a 100% cloud application, using artificial intelligence algorithms.

Information maintenance and auditing services also take place at this stage.


Analytics and Sharing

We provide processed, reliable data with 99.8% accuracy to our customers.

With this data we allow our customers to make the best business decisions with confidence.


Implanta's Integrator



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Frequently asked questions

And if you have any other questions, don't hesitate to contact us..

What are the main benefits of Distribution Visibility?
On average, our customers have reduced product stockouts by up to 80%, increased sales by up to 10% and increased margins by 5%. In addition to ensuring further growth in market share.
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How can I convince my sales channels to share their data?
  • Rebate programs for distributors
  • Incentive campaigns for distributor sales force
  • Distributor dashboard with benchmarking of distributors integrated in the project
  • Data intelligence to optimize inventory, reduce stockouts, increase turnover and positivity
  • Digitization of the distribution and sales operation with the channel
  • Business insights to gain market share
  • Support from Implanta with the best practices (Brazilian General Data Protection Law, technological integration, automated processes) in the market to help the industry n convince its channels.
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What are the main differentials of Implanta?
  • Our solutions can be customized according to your needs.
  • We have broad granularity of data collected across channels
  • Daily shipping frequency (D-1)
  • Data collection performed directly by the distributor's ERP, ensuring greater reliability and accuracy of the data collected
  • 100% automated extraction, eliminating the need for the distributor or reseller to allocate a team to send the information
  • Implanta is responsible for making the integration work from a technological point of view, ensuring less effort and impact on the distributor
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What is the average time required to implement the Implanta solution?
On average the whole process takes about 2 months.
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How is data collected?
Implanta collects channel data through its own application installed remotely. In some cases we use alternative methods such as collecting data sent by the sales channel.
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What is the billing model?
The investment is based on a fixed integration setup fee and a monthly fee.
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How is the data treatment with the new LGPD (Brazilian General Data Protection Law)?
After receiving the communication, the Person in Charge and the Information Security team, and if necessary with the Manager, must:

  • Analyze the proposed business model, considering the processing of personal data, legal, regulatory, legal and contractual impacts;

  • Highlight possible third parties involved, their roles in the scope of the product or service, as well as the risk and responsibilities of these third parties;

  • Map the risks evidenced in the suggested processing of personal data;

  • Assess the need to carry out an Impact Assessment Report;

  • Review and analyze the impacts on the record of data processing activities at Implanta;

  • Identify possible impacts on rights and means of service to holders;

  • Advise the Area and/or Manager responsible on the actions necessary for the design of the product or service from the point of view of privacy;

  • Recommend technical and administrative measures necessary for the protection and privacy of the data covered by the scope, in compliance with the provisions of Implanta's RIPD.

The General Data Protection Law is valid in Brazil and regulates personal data processing activities. It is similar to the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 (CCPA). The legislation is based on several values, such as respect for privacy; to the inviolability of intimacy, honor and image; consumer protection and human rights to freedom.
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